Injury-stricken Goh Liu Ying in Germany for treatment

Top national shuttler Goh Liu Ying has been suffering from a shoulder injury since March, which took a toll on the pair’s performance at the Indian Open end of March.

She and her partner, Chan Peng soon also suffered an early exit from the 2017 Malaysian Open after losing to Indonesia’s Edi Subaktiar-Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja.

“I was in bad shape.” Goh Liu Ying told the media after the match.

“Peng Soon tried to cover for me as much as possible but it didn’t work. I need to get treatment. I’m sorry.”

As a result, Badminton Association of Malaysia has sent Goh Liu Ying to Germany to get expert’s advice on the kind of treatment she needs. According to BAM’s president, Datuk Seri Norza Zakaria, Goh Liu Ying is an asset to Malaysia and she deserves first-class treatment.

“We’re sending Liu Ying to Germany to meet with a renowned physiotherapist, Sandra Fiedler, an expert at the Halle Sports Science Centre for a second opinion.” Bharian quoted him as saying.

“We want to know what exactly is wrong with her and what needs to be done for her to recover. If she needs another operation, we will do it for her, even if that means she has to sit out the Glasgow world championship.” he added.

“We need her for the 2022 Tokyo Olympics.” the BAM president said.

Early in April, national mixed doubles coach, Chin Eei Hui, revealed that BAM has plans to pair Chan Peng Soon with a different partner.

Although no names have been confirmed, Chin Eei Hui said they are looking at a younger player to replace Goh Liu Ying.

“We are looking at pairing Chan Peng Soon with a younger shuttler. It’s a good idea because Peng Soon will not have to sit out any tournament in case Goh Liu Ying is out on injury.” the coach told Berita Harian.

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