“Unplayable pitch” forces Kelantan FA to train outside of the state

Already having to deal with various off-the-pitch issues, Kelantan now has to train outside of the state.

Harian Metro reported that the Kelantan coaching staff has determined that the Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV field is not suitable for training.

This comes after the stadium’s pitch was waterlogged, which caused Kelantan’s Super League match against Melaka United last Saturday to be postponed.

“Honestly, in the last four days, we just couldn’t do any aggressive training because the condition of the field is absolutely unplayable. You can’t even kick the ball, only the muddy dirt,” said Zahasmi Ismail, the Kelantan head coach.

Kelantan also had to hold off the testing of their import players, Mohammed Ghaddar, Mamadou Danso and Alessando Padovani Celin due to the dreadful condition of the pitch.

Zahasmi added that the stadium’s pitch condition could easily cause injuries to the players, and thus disrupting the team’s formation.

All Kelantan players and officials are now in Selangor, holding a three-day training stint to prepare for their opening match against PKNS FC at the Shah Alam Stadium on Friday.

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