Negeri Sembilan looking forward to playing in the Super League

Premier League club Negeri Sembilan are confident about securing a promotion and are looking forward to playing in the Super League next season.

Although they recently lost to Premier League side Kuala Lumpur, they made sure that they did not go down easy. Negeri Sembilan, who played away, went down fighting 3-2 against Kuala Lumpur at the Selayang Stadium.

Even though Kuala Lumpur have maintained a consistent winning streak, winning all of their last five matches, Negeri Sembilan are still confident that the race to the top is far from over.

After all, both teams are tied with 32 points, with Kuala Lumpur perched on top because of superior goal advantage.

Photo: Soccerway

Negeri Sembilan, on the other hand, have only won one out of their last five matches, with three draws and one loss.

However, Negeri Sembilan’s technical director Jorg Peter Steinebrunner remains optimistic about the team’s chances to finish on top.

“It is not important your unbeaten record is over, what matters is where the team stands at the end of the season.” Steinebrunner told Bernama.

Steinebrunner, who praised his players for doing a good job during the match, also believes that his team can learn a lot from their defeat to Kuala Lumpur (10th of July), and use that lesson as a springboard to move forward.

“I’m pretty confident the players will take the defeat as the best learning lesson for the next match.” Steinebrunner added.

“We had enough chances to score especially in the second half but we failed to take them, However, I would like to praise the players for putting up a splendid performance.”

Photo: NS FA

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