Selangor’s Syahmi Safari wants to be “Malaysian Griezmann”

As the 2017 Malaysia Super League resumed after a month long break, Selangor took on T-Team last Saturday night in Selayang.

The Red Giants defeated T-Team 4-2 at home to clinch the three crucial points in the race for the Super League title.

Two out of the four goals scored came from 19-year-old Muhammad Syahmi Safari, who celebrated his goal-scoring with Antoine Griezmann’s “Hotline Bling”.

Syahmi Safari, a product of Selangor’s youth team, told Bernama after the game that he admires the Frenchman’s “ball control and ability to deliver accurate passes”.

“Although he (Griezmann) is a striker, I really admire his passing and ball control technique, in addition to his ability to make crucial decisions in a match.”

However, the young player admits that he still has a lot to learn from his seniors in the club, and will continue to work hard to be a better player.

“I think I’m doing well now for Selangor. But, honestly, I need to work harder if I want to become a better player.”

“I’m still young and there’s still so much to learn. I’m glad to be surrounded by seniors who think nothing of guiding me during matches and trainings.” the 19-year-old told The Star.

Back in February, Syahmi Safari scored his first Super League goal against PKNS FC. Although Selangor lost 5-3, it marked an important moment for the young talent.

The goal earned him a spot in head coach P. Maniam’s good books, and it looks like we’ll see more from the 19-year-old. The head coach has urged the Syahmi to concentrate on the remaining Super League and Malaysia Cup fixtures 

Needless to say, P. Maniam was impressed and praised Syahmi Safari’s stellar performance after their clash against T-Team.

“I am very happy that at only 19, his contribution so far has been amazing. We can see that the attack on the right hand side is very effective with some interesting crosses.” the head coach said.

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