Watson slams MAF’s Karim Ibrahim for unprofessionalism

National running ace Watson Nyambek has criticized Datuk Karim Ibrahim, the President of the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) for being indecisive on the ultimate record-holder of the 100m athletics event.

In recent reports, Karim sparked some confusion within the industry when he claimed that 18 year-old Badrul Hisyam Abdul Manap is Malaysia’s fastest man but at the same time, the young man’s record was deemed to be invalid and that the fastest record still belongs to Watson.

According to Watson, such statements may have been made by Karim to avoid making a decision and pleasing both parties.

“BAA (Brunei Athletics Association) has sent a letter admitting that the wind gauge was indeed misplaced. If you ask BAA again, they will give you the same answer,” said Watson as quoted from Utusan.

“Proof is already there. What more do you need? It has been confirmed that Badrul’s record does not follow the criteria of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation).”

“So Karim has to make a decision because only he has the right to do so.”

Watson, also known for his moniker ‘The Flying Dayak’, further stated that MAF was in better hands when it was handled by Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad, who was far more professional compared to Karim.

“If Karim isn’t good in making decisions then he should step down, if not the athletes will be the victims. The case has been going on for so long but yet it’s still on a hold. Even his answers are ‘two-in-one’, I don’t even know which to listen to.”

Despite the string of criticisms, Watson also stated that the matter should be viewed in a positive way in order to strive for better.

“Badrul is still young, he has the potential to be the best, I have full confidence in his capability and he can be much better than before. The incident should be a motivation for him and other young sprinters,” he told Bernama.

“Don’t care too much about the record, even I do not care whether it has been broken or not because it is only for personal satisfaction,” he said.

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