Watson Nyambek lodges police report against “defamatory” reporter

Former national sprinter Watson Nyambek has lodged a police report against the television station presenter who mocked the name of his late father in a comedy show a few days ago.

The report was made at the Miri Central Police Station earlier this morning after Watson Nyambek claimed that the reporter’s’ words belittled the dignity of his late father.

Watson Nyambek, 41, who used to hold the national 100m sprint record, showed up to the police station with 40 supporters that consisted of nine non-governmental and political groups (such as Dayak Association Miri, Dayak Bikers United Bumiputera Heritage Party).

Photo Credit: TV3

“I am still grieving from the loss and was extremely frustrated with parody programme. I am planning to take legal action against TV3 and Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd, despite the presenter offering an apology last night,” he said as quoted by Stadium Astro.

“The way they pronounced my father’s name seemed as if it was being referred to as an animal. This has brought shame to my family’s name and I am very angry about it.

“I want the police to take actions upon him (Azizul Ammar),” Watson concluded.

Photo Credit: The Star

Watson Nyambek, who is nicknamed “the flying Dalak”, held the 100m record of 10.30 seconds for 18 years before it was broken by Khairul Hafiz during Sarawak Sukma in 2016.

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