No US stint for Badrul Hisyam and Khairul Hafiz – NSC

NSC director-general Ahmad Shapawi has confirmed that Badrul Hisyam and Khairul Hafiz will not be heading to the United States for intensive training, as previously planned by the coaches.

According to Shapawi, the decision was made after evaluating a report filed in by national sprinting head coach Zainal Abbas, who visited the Santa Monica Training Club in America recently. Despite famously producing sprinters like Carl Lewis at one point, Zainal reported that the condition of training facilities within the club isn’t optimum anymore.

“We can’t help the boys improve if the track is old and the facilities are no longer suitable. Situations like this could even cause long-term injuries,” Shapawi was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

“Moreover, most of the coaches at the Santa Monica club are experts in middle-distance and long-distance running – not sprinting. Hence, we’re altering our plans for the boys.

Shapawi went on to also reveal that 18 athletes under second phase of the ‘Kita Juara’ program will be sent to Australia for intensive training, instead.

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