Latest: Kedah FA release explanation for live telecast ‘rejection’

Kedah FA have publicly released a statement to clarify their decision to reject Media Prima’s request of providing live telecast for the Super League clash between Kedah and Selangor this weekend.

Speaking through a statement that was released on their Facebook page, Kedah FA’s Dato’ Aminuddin Omar said: “KFA feels that it’s inappropriate for a team to receive live telecast of three consecutive live matches. For the record, two of our last home games – against Perak FA on the 1st of July and against Melaka United on the 4th of July – have been shown live on TV.

“We are thankful that Media Prima are consistently choosing us and it’s an honour that the official broadcasters themselves are focusing on our form, when it comes to deciding which games are shown live on TV. But the decision has to be made based on a win-win situation for the good of every stakeholder. In fact, there are still Super League teams whose matches have not been shown live on TV yet.

“We are incredibly thankful to all Kedah fans for their continuous support for the team, especially at the Darul Aman Stadium. The sacrifice of each fan will undoubtedly be our main source of motivation to push harder for excellence this season. We believe that fan support plays a huge role in making Malaysian football incredibly lively,” he added.

Pihak KFA amat berterima kasih buat semua penyokong hijaukuning yang berterusan menyokong pasukan di semua gelanggang terutamanya di Stadium Darulaman dan pengorbanan setiap penyokong akan menjadi azimat pasukan untuk terus beraksi cemerlang pada musim ini. KFA percaya sokongan melalui pelbagai cara adalah faktor utama kemeriahan Liga Malaysia terutamanya di bumi jelapang padi.

The news first broke on social media earlier today, through the initial version claimed that Kedah’s decision to reject Media Prima’s offer was premised upon dwindling attendance at the Darul Aman Stadium.


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