Nidzham Adzha concerned about Sandro’s absence ahead of Melaka clash

Kedah will be paying a visit to the Stadium Hang Jebat to face Melaka in their next Super League fixture.

The Red Eagles suffered a 3-2 defeat to Perak at home in another Super League fixture earlier this month, and they will want to make sure they clinch three crucial points this time around to boost their Super League standings.

However, head coach Nidzham Adzha Yusoff has expressed concern about Kedah’s midfield department.

Kedah’s Brazilian midfielder Sandro da Silva Mendonca will be missing the match due to suspension, after accumulating three yellow cards.

“Sandro will not be playing tomorrow night in Melaka, and I had to make some changes in the midfield department.” coach Nidzham Adzha told HMetro.

“I have to make sure that our midfield remains solid and lethal even without Sandro.” he added.

The Brazilian has scored nine goals for Kedah so far; six goals in the Super League, one goal in the FA Cup, and two goals in the Malaysia Cup.

Photo: Kedah FA

However, coach Nidzham Adzha also added that perhaps this is the time for him to give the opportunity to other players to step up and fill in Sandro’s shoes.

“Sandro, paired with Ken Ilso and Liridon Krasniqi is definitely Kedah’s ideal line-up upfront. But I’m sure we can find someone to replace Sandro. We have a few options, and I have to carefully assess the situation before making a decision.” the coach added.

Nevertheless, the coach remains confident that his boys will perform well, especially since they got a confidence boost after defeating UiTM 5-0 in the Malaysia Cup fixture last Friday.
How will Kedah do without Sandro? What’s your prediction? Let us know in the comments below.


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