#FOPicks: Top 10 MSL footballers to follow on social media

We see our favourite football players on the pitch, and we know exactly who they are as a player and what they can pull off. But what are they like behind the scenes? What do they do once they get home? Are they normally quiet, prefer cooling off at home, or perhaps they like jetting off to their favourite holiday spots?

Here are some MSL footballers who active on social media and constantly give us a glimpse of what a Malaysian footballer’s life is like:

1.Khairul Fahmi

Twitter ID : fahmiapexs

Photo: Twitter

This Kelantan goalkeeper has a great sense of humour. From exchanging banter with former Kelantan player Jonathan McKain and teasing him about his hairdo, to gracing our Instagram with adorable pictures of his son, you must follow this Best Goalkeeper award winner on social media.

2.Matt Davies

Instagram ID : matttdavies 

Photo: Instagram

This 22-year old Pahang captain is a wanderlust who is very active on his social media accounts. He gives us sneak peeks into his glamorous vacations and romantic escapades, interviews, and behind the scenes. Try not to be too envious when you scroll down his Instagram feed and see his exotic travel photos!

3.Liridon Krasniqi

Instagram ID : liridonkrasniqi_8 

This Kosovo-born Kedah football player is super outgoing and mischievous. Apart from his attacking prowess on the pitch, he is often seen busting a move with his bestie Sandro, or simply messing around with his team mates on his Instagram videos.

4. Junior Eldstal

Instagram ID : junioreldstal 

Photo: Instagram

This Johor Darul Ta’zim player loves his morning yoga and showing off his elaborate tattoos on Instagram. Apart from that, his followers also get the exclusive preview of his clothing label, JE Clothing UK, which boasts chic street style outfits. Way to go, Junior!

5.Safee Sali

Instagram ID : 5afee 

Photo: Instagram

This PKNS forward posts a photo almost everyday! He shares a lot of things with his followers, his love for nasi padang, his baby girl, his prized superbike and selfies laced with inspirational quotes.

He is also very forward with his approach, as he famously called out Kiko Insa on Instagram following an altercation on the pitch.

6. Shahrom Kalam

Instagram ID : shahromkalam

Photo: Instagram

If you love pictures on chubby babies that make you want to reach into your screen and squeeze their cheeks, Shahrom Kalam’s instagram account is the place to be. He loves sharing adorable photos of his kids, and sometimes, he gets best bud Kenny Raj to baby sit them as well!

7. Faiz Subri

Instagram ID : faiz_subri13

Photo: Instagram

Because who wouldn’t want to know what’s going on in the life of a FIFA PUSKAS award winner? From envious photos of himself with Sir Alex Ferguson and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, Faiz also keeps it real by retaining his Penang slang in his captions.

8. Rizal Ghazali

Instagram ID : rizalghazali15

If there’s one thing you need to know about Rizal Ghazali off the pitch, he loves fishing, and he loves flaunting his catches on Instagram. He also loves playing pranks on his team mates when they’re not looking, and sitting on stationary bikes with his buddy, Baddrol Bakhtiar.

9. Hazwan Bakri

Instagram ID : hazwanbakri19 

Photo: Instagram

Another footballer who you can count on to bombard your feed with super-cute baby photos! Hazwan’s Instagram account has a more personal feel as he updates his fans with pictures of his dad’s surprise birthday party, dining out with his best friends, and mimicking Dybala’s celebration pose with his teammates. Also, his X16 limited edition Adidas boots is on our wishlist!

Bonus: you can also follow his adorable baby boy @afiqhayyan on Instagram

10. Nazmi Faiz

Instagram ID : nazmifaizmansor

Photo: Instagram

Nazmi is incredibly adept at keeping his Instagram fans updated on life in the fab lane. He’s got an immaculate fashion sense, and he constantly drives us green with envy while boasting his fiery red Nissan GTR, his beautiful fiancé, Balr watches and t-shirts. Also, did you guys know he’s a Barca fan?

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