Junior Eldstal had an absolutely perfect response to a meme undermining him

Johor Darul Ta’zim’s midfielder Junior Eldstal has had a tough season with the club this year.

Due to his slipped disc predicament, the 25-year-old-old Malaysian-Swedish footballer has been unable to consistently play for his club.

This meme was then created to take a jab at the fact that Junior Eldstal hardly ever feature for his club anymore.

The meme also had a picture of Mohammed Ghaddar, who recently signed with JDT, with the caption “some play for money”, followed by a picture of Kedah’s Liridon Krasniqi, saying “Some play for trophies”.

This was followed by a picture of Junior with the caption “and some don’t even play”.

Photo: Twitter

Junior Eldstal couldn’t help but to respond to the meme, but he did it with wit and class.

Photo: JE Twitter

Earlier in April, Junior Eldstal took to Twitter to explain his situation to all his fans, as there were many questions and speculations about why he wasn’t starting for JDT.

He rubbished rumours claiming that he was no longer interested in football, and reiterated that he wants to be the best player for his club, and country, if selected for Malaysia.

“The specialist informed me this has been the root cause of all my injuries because my body has been compensating for the slipped disc.” the JDT player explained on Twitter.

“However, at least now I now know why I have been getting injured constantly and I now have a solution.”

“This perception that my heart isn’t in football anymore couldn’t be further from the truth. This sport is my life, I come from humble beginnings and without this opportunity I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Well, you know what they say, “when someone says you can’t do something, do it and prove them wrong!” 


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