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Could there be a Malaysian superstar in WWE soon?

A sentence you thought you might never read in your life.

We may see a Malaysian wrestler perform in a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring in the near future.

Why? It is because WWE officials have been spotted at Malaysia Pro Wrestling’s (MyPW) latest show.

The WWE Vice-President of Talent Relations, Canyon Ceman and Creative Director, Ryan Katz were spotted at MyPW Reckoning at D’Lavender, Damansara Heights Community Center.

Photo Credit: Malaysia Pro Wresting (Facebook)
Photo Credit: Malaysia Pro Wresting (Facebook)

The reason could be that WWE is moving forward with plans for a tournament to crown the WWE Asia Champion, following the success of the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament.

The Wrestling Observer reported that WWE is contacting a number of Asia talents to inquire about passport details and other information.

According to MyPW, the WWE were looking at two of their big names, although it is not known on who they were interested in.

Ceman and Katz also appeared at Singapore Pro Wrestling’s event ‘Unchained In Changi’ the day before MyPW Reckoning.

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