MyPW Reckoning: A comprehensive breakdown of all 10 matches

It was an almost full crowd as they were hyped for the event to get started. To everyone’s surprise, the ‘Nusantara Prince’ Shaukat made his entrance and welcomed everyone to the event. Shaukat reminded everyone of how he has revolutionized the Malaysian pro wrestling scene and he wants to revolutionize it further by wanting his title match to be the opening bout instead of the main event.

His words prompted the General Manager, Nadia to come out initially looking unhappy. Being that it’s Chinese New Year though, Nadia was in a generous mood and asked the fans if they want the World to Regional title match to be the first match of the evening. The fans answered with a resounding ‘yes’ and Nadia asked for a referee to come out along with The D.

However, The D came out and was livid that the match, in which he skipped CNY for, was pushed forward resulting in a shouting match between him and Nadia. As a result, Nadia threatened to strip The D of the belt if he does not comply; leaving The D no choice but to go on with the match.

Match 1: MyPW World To Regional Championship

The D (C) Vs. Shaukat

The D had to wrestle in a t-shirt and jeans following an unseen change with the match order. But The D immediately got out of the ring once the bell started. The match spilled to the outside as The D retaliates, but only for a short time. Shaukat gained the upper hand for the next few minutes until The D pushed him to the referee and hit a low blow to his opponent as the referee covered his face bracing for being hit.

The D as a result gained momentum as he sat down on Shauakat’s face, much to everyone’s disgust. The D had a number of pinfall attempts but couldn’t get the three count he wanted. However, Shaukat locked in a front headlock with body scissors, trying to get The D to tap out. But The D overpowers him but slamming him to the turnbuckle and hits a side-walk slam for only a two-count.

Then, Shaukat got out of the way of The D’s attack and hits a spinning-out powerbomb, but The D kicks out at two. Shaukat tried to hit his NK Driver finisher on two different occasions, but The D counters with a backstabber on the first time and a spinebuster on the second.

With Shaukat down in the middle of the ring, The D attempted his own version of The People’s Elbow by taking his shirt off and just placed it on Shaukat’s chest. Just as he was running, Shaukat got up and hits a Stone Cold Stunner, leaving both men down for the count.

Both men were able to get up before 10. They both exchange blows. However, the match once again goes to the outside with Shaukat on top When both men were on the apron, The D was able to stun Shaukat for a bit. Seeing the commentary table, The D then powerbombs Shaukat onto the said table, causing the crowd to be in frenzy.

Somehow, Shaukat kicks out at two despite being put through the table. The D sets up for the knee attack, but Shaukat avoids it and hits the Rock Bottom. Shaukat followed that up with a powerful right hand, a back suplex and finally, hit the NK Driver to finally defeat his dreaded foe.

Winner & NEW Champion: Shaukat 

Just as Shaukat celebrated, Commissioner Dante comes out and greeted The D ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ before congratulating Shaukat. However, Dante reminded everyone of Shaukat’s actions after Wrestlecon 2016 where the latter snapped and took out officials, including Dante himself. Because of that, Dante schedules another title match immediately, naming former Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) and now freelance wrestler Greg Glorious as the challenger, much to The D’s annoyance.

Match 2: MyPW World To Regional Championship
Shaukat (C) Vs. Greg Glorious

Shortly after the match started, The D took out Shaukat with the title belt when the ref had his back turned dealing with Glorious. However, The D missed Glorious and went to the outside. Because of The D’s actions, he and Dante had a furious argument, in which resulted in The D’s termination from MyPW, leaving the former champion walking out in disgrace as the fans sang ‘Goodbye’.

Back to the match, Glorious almost took advantage of the situation, but he only gets two. Glorious took control of the match as he hits numerous power moves such as the exploder suplex and a backbreaker, but he can’t find the three count he needed.

However, Shaukat staged a comeback with a roundhouse kick to the head. But it was only brief as Glorious with a smart counter into the Single-Leg Crab submission that has made wrestlers tap out to it. Shaukat however, was able to get his hand on the ropes to force Glorious to break the hold. Shaukat then hit the Michinoku Driver II out of nowhere, but could only get two.

Then it was the beginning of the end. Glorious was able to get out of an NK Driver attempt and hits a bridging German Suplex for only two. With Shaukat reeling, Glorious hits a deadlift German Suplex to win the match and shock the crowd.

Winner & NEW Champion: Greg Glorious

With Glorious’ title win, this is the second time a Singaporean has won the title following SPW’s The Eurasian Dragon’s win last year. Commissioner Dante applauded and announced Glorious as the new champion. Dante reminded everyone in the locker room that if they mess with him, there will be repercussions.

Glorious however, took the mike and said that Dante and he are not friends. Glorious said that because he takes his chances, he is better at life, lifting the title he just won as proof.

Match 3: Women’s Division
Poppy Vs. Phoenix

This was a short match compared to what had just taken place. Poppy proceeds to push Phoenix away on the head. The latter tried to get her hands on Poppy, but the referee got in between them for some reason. However, Poppy gets the upper hand with a chop on Phoenix’s chest. Poppy then whips Phoenix to the other turnbuckle and hits a running clothesline as she continued the offense.

But Poppy rolled out of the ring following a forearm shot from Phoenix. Phoenix then attempted a dive to the outside, but with Poppy moving out of the way, she was able to stop herself from running. Then, Poppy tosses Phoenix to the steps hard.

Poppy produced a lot of attacks, but could not put Phoenix away. As frustration mounted, Phoenix took advantage and hits the Overdrive for the win.

Winner: Phoenix 

Match 4
Serigala Vs. Dave Vindictus

Freelancer Dave Vindictus, who is also a former SPW wrestler, was looking to get revenge on new talent Serigala when the latter, in who was making his debut, eliminated Vindictus at Wrestlecon in a gauntlet match. As Serigala made his entrance, howls from the fans echo throughout the hall to show their support.

Vindictus proceeded to kick ring announcer, Johan Yusof in the gut for some reason and then immediately left the ring to avoid Serigala. Vindictus proceeded to taunt the fans outside the ring. From the ring, Serigala grabs him by the hair. But Vindictus hung him up using the rope.

Vindictus then chops Serigala’s chest, but to no avail as Serigala showed no signs of pain. Vindictus tried a running attack, but was caught by Serigala who proceeded to drop him with a body slam. Vindictus comes back by raking the eyes and drops the 110+ kg Serigala with a back suplex for only a two-count.

Vindictus then calls for a brainbuster, but he couldn’t get Serigala off his feet. Instead, Serigala counters with his own suplex. Serigala comes back with a series of shots and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, but can’t get the three-count.

However, Vindictus was able to hit a number of kicks that ends with a superkick to the head, but somehow Serigala was able to kick out at two. Vindictus then insulted Serigala and hits a discus clothesline for only two.

Then, Serigala mounts a comeback with a kick to the face. Serigala continued the attack as he held Vindictus by the hand strongly. Vindictus tried to get to the ropes, but Serigala pulls him back kneeing him in the gut before hitting his suplex side-slam finisher as the strength of the newcomer beats the experience of Vindictus for the upset.

Winner: Serigala

Match 5
‘Aerial Sniper’ Nyc & The Ladykiller Vs. Jaki-G & Mad Scholar (W/Luna)

This was a Sinagpore Vs. Malaysia tag team match with Nyc & Ladykiller representing Singapore and Jaki & Scholar representing Malaysia. Jaki and Ladykiller, having both teamed up in a match last year, started off for their respective teams. Both men tried to get the better of one another. Jaki thought he did with a headlock and multiple hip tosses. But Ladykiller’s agility confused the ‘High School Sweetheart’ and proceeded to take him down.

Ladykiller attempted an armbar, but Jaki counters with a pin attempt that resulted in only a two-count. With both men evenly matched, they tagged in their respective partners. An amount of fast-paced action was exchanged between Scholar and Nyc, leaving the fans in awe. Eventually, Scholar gets the upper hand as he tags in Jaki. But a moment of confusion lead Nyc tagging in The Ladykiller. They then hit stereo dropkicks on their opponents.

The Singaporeans were able to get the momentum going as they work on Scholar in the next few minutes. But after taking both men out simultaneously, Scholar was able to tag in Jaki. Jaki unloaded on team Singapore, eventually taking the illegal man, Nyc with a brutal roundhouse kick to the head. With Ladykiller down, Jaki measures him up for his finisher. But Scholar tags in, takes out Nyc who was on the apron and said to Jaki to stick to the plan, to which the latter had no knowledge of.

Luna, Mad Scholar’s assistant, brought a folded chair in as she distracted the referee. With the help of Scholar, Luna was able to drug the referee unconscious with a cloth. The referee down, Mad Scholar tosses the chair to Jaki as he held up Ladykiller for Jaki to hit the chair on. However, Jaki hesitated and that allowed Ladykiller to get out of Scholar’s grip, but was immediately dropped with an RKO.

Mad Scholar though, was furious at Jaki’s hesitance that he attacked his own partner out of frustration and left the ring for Jaki to fend for himself. The Ladykiller sees this and took advantage, taking out Jaki with a spear and Nyc came off the top rope with a 450 Splash to give team Singapore the victory.

Winners: ‘Aerial Sniper’ Nyc & The Ladykiller

After the match, Scholar and Luna continued their attack on Jaki for not sticking with the plan. They left the ring, leaving Jaki wasted. One thing is for certain, Jaki will not forget about this.

Match 6: Dastan Vs. Gotham Vs. EK Baki (Gatoh Move)

An international three-way match between Iran’s Dastan, Thailand’s Baki and Malaysia’s own Gotham. The three men got into an argument on how to start the match, causing Dastan to leave the ring momentarily. As a result, Gotham and Baki opens the match while Dastan complained to the commentary team that his opponents are ‘animals’.

Baki and Gotham tried to get the other off their feet, but failed doing so. With Baki focusing on Gotham, Dastan tried to take advantage. He was met though with Baki’s backbreaker and senton splash but able to kick out at two while Gotham rolls out of the ring and argues with the fans.

Baki attacks with huge chops to Dastan’s chest. But just as Baki gained some momentum, Gotham pulls him out of the ring and smashes his head on the commentary table. Dastan took exception and it prompted a mini-contest between him and Gotham on who can smash Baki’s head on the table better. Eventually, the contest stopped as all three men are back in the ring with Dastan and Gotham trying to pin Baki, but they cancel each other’s attempts. With Baki tossed out, Dastan and Gotham have a go at one another. Dastan goes to the ropes, but he got caught by Gotham’s Samoan Drop. Then, Gotham was tossed out to the ring and Dastan pulls off a gutwrench suplex on the outside.

Baki then comes back as he tosses Dastan to the ring post and then back to the ring. But Dastan was able to carry the 100 kg Baki for an Aiplane Spin and proceeded with hitting the back elbow for only two. Then, Baki comes back by taking down Dastan, but was shortly hit by Gotham’s spear.

Baki then somehow recovered and took out Gotham with a forearm shot. He then focuses on Dastan and hits his Double Choke Single Knee Backbreaker finisher. But Gotham took advantage of the no-DQ rule by hitting a low blow on Baki, allowing him to steal the pin on Dastan and the win.

Winner: Gotham

After the match, Baki bowed to the crowd on stage as he left the ringside area.

Match 7: The Kid Vs. Daryl Wong

Both junior heavyweights were evenly matched in the opening moments. But The Kid took control with a running dropkick to Daryl. However, Daryl came back with a boot to the face, but The Kid came back with a springboard forearm for only two.

Both juniors eventually got into each other’s face with aggression as they both slapped each other beforehand. Daryl’s right hand shot forced The Kid to go out of the ring. Daryl saw an opportunity to pull off a dive, but The Kid quickly got in. That in turn saw Daryl able to land to the outside on his feet in time. But The Kid pulled off a dive of his own, taking out Daryl.

However, Daryl took control with The Kid looking tired already. But just as Daryl was about to hit his finisher from the top rope with The Kid on his shoulders, The Kid got out with elbows to Daryl’s head as he landed on the apron.

The Kid surprised everyone by pulling off a Springboard RKO while Daryl was still on the top rope, grounding the Asian Warrior and took the win in the process.

Winner: The Kid

Match 8: Extreme Rules Match For The MyPW Extreme Championship
Double K (C) Vs. Razza

Just as Razza was making his entrance, Double K came out and viciously attacked the challenger up to the point that the ‘Anarchy Soldier’ is unable to compete.

Double K takes the mike and declares that he will never give up the title. However, Nadia came back out and wasn’t pleased about Double K’s actions. She insisted on having an Extreme Title match. So, she introduced new talent, Harry Ray as Double K’s new challenger. What a debut match for Harry.

Match 8: Extreme Rules Match For The MyPW Extreme Championship
Double K (C) Vs. Harry Ray

As expected of an extreme rules match, the weapons had a lot of usage. But Harry almost pulled a fast one with quickfire pin attempts, but couldn’t get the three-count. The action spilled to the outside when from the apron, Harry viciously kicked Double K’s face and took him out with a diving elbow shot.

Harry then takes out a folding chair hits Double K’s back with it. Shortly afterward, Double K pulled a cheap shot on Harry to take control of the match as he brought in two more folded chairs, hitting two vicious shots on Harry’s back before hitting a springboard roundhouse kick.

Double K then wedged a chair between the top two turnbuckles. He then tossed Harry to it, but he stopped himself from moving. Harry then caught Double K with a reverse STO to the chair. But the momentum got into Harry’s head when he missed a top-rope leg drop. This allowed Double K to take out his signature ‘penyodok’ and used it as a weapon. After that, Double K propped up two chairs and set up Harry for his Impaler DDT finisher. But Harry landed on his feet and hit a jumping neckbreaker onto the chairs.

Harry comes back with a spinning wheel kick and a dropkick using the chair for extra damage on the champion. Then, Double K kicks Harry between the legs after the penyodok handle missed its mark. Double K propped up another chair and this time pulled off the Impaler DDT, with Harry’s head hitting on the said chair, for the three-count.

Winner & STILL Champion: Double K

Match 9: Tony Abel & Farish The Killer Clown Vs. Paksa (Gatoh Move)

Let’s see. Two arguably comedic characters facing off against an ever-serious Paksa. Keep in mind that Paksa is so confident of taking out these two that he preferred to go at it alone when he answered their open challenge. But he was blindsided by the duo as they take control of the match.

But Paksa came back with his signature stiff kicks on a reeling Abel. Farish though tripped up Paksa from the outside. Farish tagged in as he worked on his opponent. But Paksa countered back with a slap to the face. Paksa kicked the back of Farish’s head before taking out Abel. Unfortunately, Farish rolled out of the way when Paksa attempted a second-rope moonsault and hit a dropkick for a two-count.

Farish and Abel took turns tagging in each other, hitting chop after chop on Paksa’s chest. A double-DDT only garnered a two-count from Farish. Farish continued the assault with an enzugiri and an atomic leg drop, but he couldn’t finish the match. After a brief fast exchange, Paksa was able to pull off a beautiful standing moonsault. However, Abel came in and hit the Go To Sleep (GTS), but the referee didn’t count his pin attempt due to being the illegal man. The amount of time passed between then and Farish covering Paksa was enough for the latter to kick out at two.

Abel tagged in and was about to hit another GTS, but Paksa came back with a series of strikes and a clothesline. After taking out Farish, Paksa hits a brutal belly-to-back facebuster and a vicious Penalty Kick to the chest of a seated Abel to win despite the numerical disadvantage.

Winner: Paksa

Main Event: MyPW WrestleCon Championship
Furious Faizal (C) Vs. A-5th

With the MyPW World to Regional title match moved forward, the MyPW WrestleCon Championship match moved to the main event slot. The match had come to this with the two heavyweights getting at each other’s throats since Visual Arts Expo last year.

As the bell rung, Faizal left the ring, causing a short chase. Back in the ring, A-5th was able to get Faizal off his feel after a few strikes. But Faizal hung up A-5th using the top rope from the outside and got back in with a body slam.

Faizal followed that up with a flurry of elbow drops that only got him a two-count. Faizal continued the offense with a rear naked choke and a knee attack to the back to prevent A-5th from coming back into the match. A-5th then tried to mount a comeback, but he was caught in mid-air following a Double Axe Handle attempt and was at the end of a belly-to-belly suplex from Faizal that only resulted a two-count.

Fazial continued to use his power with a running powerslam that the late ‘British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith would be proud of, but he only got two. However, after more offense, A-5th avoided a big splash from Faizal and proceeded to hit a big spinebuster for a two-count only.

However, he missed his Bicycle Kick finisher as Faizal evaded it and received a DDT for his troubles. Just as Faizal was about to hit a Vader Bomb, A-5th got up and delivered a chokeslam to Faizal from the second rope.

Faizal though was able to come back and hit a brutal clothesline. He tried to get A-5th up for the Jackknife Powerbomb, but A-5th got out and ducked a clothesline to hit the Bicycle Kick to Faizal’s face for the win and becoming the new WrestleCon Champion

Winner & NEW Champion: A-5th

A-5th celebrated with the crowd afterwards and soon after he left, the commentators take the mike and closed the show.

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