Melaka United determined to capitalise on Perak’s stadium ban

Just like playing a concert in an empty venue, playing football in an empty stadium can be quite a bleak affair. But Melaka United’s team manager Datuk Wira Mohd Yusoff Mahadi has urged his boys to be positive about it.

According to Datuk Wira, playing in an empty stadium, especially without their opponent’s fans, could very well be a blessing in disguise. Melaka United will be facing Perak FA this weekend in their week 3 MSL fixture.

Perak was slapped with a fine of RM 47,500 and given a three-match stadium ban following a violent incident between the Bos Gaurus fans and JDT fans which happened last August. Perak appealed for the ban to be lifted during the debut MSL game, and as a result they had a jam-packed stadium during their clash against Pahang.

However, the ban will be enforced this week during their clash against Melaka United.

“Playing without fans of the home team could be an advantage for us.” Datuk Wira said.

“Although our fans will also not be present (due to the stadium ban), I think it gives us a good chance of securing the three points. There will be no pressure from the Perak fans, especially the fanatic ones. We can play more comfortably.” he added.

Melaka United only managed a draw in the last MSL match fixture against Selangor, when their new signing Victor Stelian Astafei scored a late equaliser. The newly-promoted Hang Tuahs could really use a win this time around, and they’re looking to make that a reality this weekend.

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