“Pay the players!” – Selangor FA fans

The Selangor FA supporters club (SSFC) have lashed out at the football club for the delay in paying their players.

The SSFC is calling for the management to immediately pay up whatever they owe the Selangor players in terms of wages and bonus.

“We, the loyal fans of the Selangor FA want the salary and bonus issue to be settled immediately. This delay should not even be happening.” said SSFC’s President Haniff Rana Manzoor.

“There’s only 3 weeks left before the Malaysia League starts. We don’t want players to worry about their unsettled financial issues. This does not only affect the players, but it also tarnishes the image and reputation of Selangor FA.” she added.

“We’re very disappointed that this is even happening. It’s important to take care of the players.”

Former Selangor striker Nizaruddin Yusof also called for drastic change in the Selangor FA management.

“FAS need a major revamp, a whole revamp as soon as possible. The people who hold positions in FAS have been in the job for far too long,” he said

“It’s best to give others with football knowledge and a love for Selangor the opportunity to handle the job.”