VIDEO: Russian fan uploads GoPro video of attack on English fans

As we all know, fan violence has erupted between the Russian and English supporters in the city of Marseille. It is an incident that has marred the 2016 European Championship and UEFA even threatened both nations with disqualification if they can’t keep their fans’ behaviour in check.

Dozens were injured and the French authorities had swiftly handed out justice by reprimanding those who were caught in the act. Plenty of pictures and videos has been circulated to showcase the ugly scenes in yet another incident of football hooliganism.

Another video has been uploaded on YouTube and it was a ‘unique’ one as it was recorded from a GoPro. The 6-minute long video shows the user joining a huge group of Russians as they marched along the streets of Marseille while throwing chairs, bottles, and kicking English fans.

GoPro recordings is a rising trend nowadays, especially by those who travel to exotic locales or do extreme sports, but it’s safe to say that this video won’t be listed as a ‘must watch’ anytime soon.

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