Kedah FA rejects RM30 million sponsorship deal from D’Herbs

The Kedah Football Association (KFA) have just announced their decision to reject the RM30 million sponsorship offered by the founder of D’Herbs Healthy Sdn Bhd, Datuk Aliff Syukri.

Kedah Youth, Sports and Culture chairman Datuk Aminuddin Omar said the decision was finalized after discussing with the president of KFA, Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah.

Photo Credit: Hanasuva
Photo Credit: Hanasuva

“The committee agreed with some of the terms of the deal given by Aliff Syukri, but had to reject a number of others,” Aminuddin Omar said earlier today as quoted by Berita Harian.

“This decision is final because this issue has been ongoing for the past few months and we hope both parties avoid making further statements to retain the brand image,” he concluded.

Datuk Aliff Syukri announced last week that his company agreed to sponsor The Red Hawks squad for RM30 million in the span of three years, which delighted a number of Kedah fans.

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