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“Khairul Idham isn’t ready for Moto2” – Honda Team Asia

Honda Team Asia has squashed speculations linking Khairul Idham Pawi with a potential move to Moto2, claiming that the Malaysian rider isn’t ready to make the jump, despite his exploits at the Argentina GP two weeks ago.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Boon Siew Honda, Datuk Sri Tan Hui Jing said, Khairul’s focus for 2016 should be to gain as much experience as possible in Moto3, with a view to possibly making the jump in future.

Photo Credit: MyMetro
Photo Credit: MyMetro

“We do not want to pile pressure on him because he is still new to the Moto3 industry. There will be ups and downs in the display of his performances but I am sure that he will be able do well in this industry,” Datuk Sri Tan Hui Jing told Harian Metro.

“The previous Grand Prix race in Austin proved that it is not easy to maintain a consistent performance. Various elements play a role in determining his performance so let him collect some experience first,” he explained.

To make it easier for the 18-year old racer, Honda Team Asia will not be expecting any other podium finishes this season

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“Khairul has already shown us how good he is. Historically, racers only secure podium finishes after two years or so in the industry,” he added.


The decision to halt Khairul’s promotion is a good move taken by Honda Team Asia. Hands down, Khairul proved his mettle with the triumph in Argentina, but there’s no need to make the jump right now. It’s probably best for him to keep his mind focused on doing well in Moto3 this year. If he works hard and keeps improving, even MotoGP wouldn’t be an idea that’s too far-fetched.

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