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“Give Khairul Idham space to focus on his growth in Moto3”

Following his amazing success at the Argentina Grand Prix, teen sensation Khairul Idham Pawi has constantly hit the back pages and his reputation has undoubtedly increased.

But as far as his sponsors Boon Siew Honda are concerned, Khairul deserves some space to focus on his growth.

“We thank the Malaysian media and the general public that have widely celebrated his victory and showed their interest towards Khairul,” said Boon Siew Honda’s Motorsports manager Zulhelmi Ahmad was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

“We have invested millions of Ringgit to help Khairul achieve his dreams over the next five years.

“Right now, we hope that he can be given some space to fully focus on the upcoming races and we hope that he will be able to maintain his momentum,” Zulhelmi added.

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“Khairul will embark on a tougher journey after this and sometimes it won’t go as smooth as we want it to be but hopefully, such victories can be repeated.”

“Based on past experiences, we gave him the best to keep going and gave him the support he needed regardless of the good times or bad times.”

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Khairul has been getting a lot of attention from all parties after his stellar performance in Argentina and it is fair for Boon Siew Honda to request for space to be given for the teen to focus on his upcoming races. The same case happened to Malaysian sprinting prodigy Badrul Hisyam Abdul Manap when he ‘supposedly’ broke Watson Nyambek’s 100m record in Brunei. The 18 year-old stole the limelight of the local media and even had paparazzis following him for short interviews! Badrul cited the buzz from the media to be unfamiliar and it affected him mentally as he was always too wary of his surroundings. Such could take place for Khairul and we definitely would not want him to lose his momentum and cost him a winning title. So, how about we all lay just a little lower and give the man the good amount of space he deserves?


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