Singaporean bowlers break into Top 10 in revised WBT rankings

The Singaporean female bowlers are definitely setting the bar up high as four national bowlers have successfully made it to the top 10 of the latest World Bowling Tour (WBT) rankings- which is the most since its inauguration in 2011.

The standards of the Singaporean bowlers has long been recognised but the revised rankings just took the ladies’ quality up a notch, proving that they are indeed competitive and could be a possible threat in the worldwide bowling scene.

Cherie Tan currently stands at no.4 trailing behind three Americans, namely Danielle McEwan, Liz Johnson and Kelly Kulick. At no.6 is fellow compatriot Shayna Ng- the All Events champion at last year’s Women’s World Bowling Championships. Jazreel Tan is ranked no.8 whereas Joey Yeo makes the cut to cap the top ten.

Photo credits: The Straights Times
Photo credits: The Straights Times

“The rankings are a reflection of how good the team are on the whole. It’s not just one or two of us, but a handful. It shows consistency and we are now seen as a threat to strong teams like the Americans and the Koreans,” Shayna said as quoted from The Straits Times.

Not to mention, three more Singaporeans- New Hui Fen, Bernice Lim and Daphne Tan, have made it pass the top 20 to bring the team on par with top guns United States.

Despite the grand improvement, SingaporeBowling president Jessie Phua stated that the high rankings are not the main goal of the association.

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“We’re happy but not obsessed with this ranking. Ultimately, it’s about staying focused on the process, and getting the team to be stronger and better.”

“While we’re supportive of our top bowlers, our focus this year is to build up the second- and third-tier teams. They must be given a chance too.”

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