VIDEO: Fans clash at Hang Jebat Stadium after Melaka-NS match

Provocation amongst fans of Melaka United and Negeri Sembilan (NS) caused an eruption of violence between them towards the 70th-minute mark of the Malaysian Premier League (MPL) fixture that was held at the Hang Jebat Stadium last night.

The violent incident reportedly started when a few fans started wrestling amongst themselves behind the NS goal post. But security forces present within the stadium managed to handle the situation and ensure that nothing happened till the end of the match.

But the situation got tensed right after the final whistle, as provocation from both sets of fans erupted all over again. A few supporters were reportedly hit by rocks that were being thrown. Approximately 100 NS supporters were kept inside the stadium, while authorities worked on calming the situation on the outside.

Chief Police of Central Region of Melaka, Shaikh Abd Adziz Shaikh Abdullah said that the authorities managed to control the situation. The whole fracas came to an end at 12:30 this morning.

Check out a video of the incident below:

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