Validity of Badrul Hisyam’s record to be revealed this weekend

After weeks of controversies regarding Badrul Hisyam Abdul Manap’s invalid record in the 2015 ASEAN School Games, the truth will finally be announced after a meeting among the Technical Committee of the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) this coming Sunday.

President of MAF, Datuk Karim Ibrahim stated that the meeting will be held in Penang and the members of the meeting will assess the report thoroughly and come up with a conclusion over the allegations.

Karim also said that no matter what the ultimate result may be, Badrul is still considered the fastest athlete in the 100m event, regardless of the validity of his record.

“The technical committee of MAF will assess the report during the meeting. The meeting will roughly begin at 10am before any decisions are to be made,” said Karim as quoted form Utusan.

“I must strongly reiterate this and remind all parties involved, especially the Education Ministry to not have this incident repeat again because every record that wished to be renewed needs to be loaded with significant proof and be presented to the MAF and not otherwise, where MAF is the one finding the proof.”

Badrul previously broke Watson Nyambek’s 17 year-old record in the ASEAN School Games held in Brunei last year. The teen renewed the record with a groundbreaking 10.29s but was alleged to be invalid after a few technical issues. Organizers too claimed that the wind gauge was place in the wrong place.

Karim urged Badrul to stop putting his mind to the controversy as it may disrupt his focus during his training sessions.

“An invalid record is a normal issue in athletics because some world records have also been unrecognized.”

“I hope that Badrul gets to focus and continue creating new records, especially before SUKMA takes place.”

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