Football is a universal language – Kelantan’s Erwin Carrillo

Erwin Carrillo may be new in Kelantan sees no reason as to why he would not be able to shine for Red Warriors this season despite not being fluent in English and Malay.

The experienced Colombian forward has already showed glimpses of his ability in friendly matches, scoring goals effectively and display impressive link-ups with the other players. He is already taking language classes to further adapt himself but as of now, he doesn’t think anything would hinder him from giving his best for the club.

“Everyone here understands the language of football; it’s universal,” he told Harian Metro.

“That is why it’s been easy for me to continue my career here. I can understand and speak English but it’s very limited. That being said, I’m currently taking language classes to improve my English and Malay.

“The competition within the team is extremely good so if I’m given a chance to play, I’ll definitely give my best. But it’s a good thing that we have competition, because it intuitively forces everyone to train hard,” Carrillo added.

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