FMLLP: If other teams can follow the rules, why not KAFA?

Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) have hit back at Kelantan FA for manipulating facts and accusing FMLLP of being unreasonable.

FMLLP issued a restriction on KAFA which prevented the latter from signing a second import player. KAFA’s adviser Tan Sri Annuar Musa called FMLLP unfair and said they were unreasonable and inconsistent with their regulations.

Therefore, FMLLP decided to clear things up via a statement on Facebook. According to FMLLP, it is KAFA who have failed to follow their set of guidelines and still yet to submit pending documents needed for team registration.

FMLLP docked six points from Kelantan, T-Team, Perlis, and ATM FA early in May, for failing to settle players outstanding wages and failing to complete their registration forms. These four teams were also barred from signing new players.

After the docking of points, T-Team, Perlis, and ATM FA have submitted their pending documents. Hence, FMLLP lifted their restrictions and reduced the docked points from 6 to 3.

Despite multiple warnings and reminders, KAFA continued to ignore the regulations. FMLLP also noted that if KAFA had financial issues, they could have spoken to FMLLP for special consideration, but no such effort was made.

Any team that fails to submit all the documentation needed for registration by the 31st August 2017 will be demoted to a lower division for 2018.

“It’s very easy. Give us the documents needed for registration. No documents, no registration, and 6 docked points will remain in place, including the restriction on signing a new player.”

“The rules are the same for all the teams. If other teams can follow the rules, why not Kelantan?” the statement read.

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