F4SEA unveils race car ahead of debut season in 2016

The Formula 4 South East Asia Championship, which will be taking place in the region for the first time next year, finally unveiled its single-seater to the public at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) yesterday.

The car has a striking scarlet body with some white outlines and black-rimmed tyres. The aerodynamics of the car is relatively similar to a Formula One car.

The chassis of the car, made by French manufacturer Mygale, is said to be at the highest level of innovation in terms of safety as the chassis is supported by a carbon-fibre monocoque. The chassis will be identical throughout the whole race, with Mygale supplying 20 of it next season.

The chassis is compatible with the standards set by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) as it includes front and rear impact absorbing structures, comprising anti-intrusion side panels, roll hoops, removable seat, head restraint, wheel restraint cables, on-board fire extinguisher and retractable steering wheel and column.

Thanks to Mygale’s technological applications, the championship is also said to be cheaper than most international kart championships.

The FIA certified series will begin its inaugural season next year in July and is set to be the most cost-effective of all the Formula 4 championships worldwide.

The participating nations that have agreed to be a part of the F4SEA calendar next year are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and India.

The F4SEA is a platform for racers to qualify for an FIA Super License in order to race in Formula One. Malaysia’s Formula 4 racer, Adam Khalid, had been attempting to get sponsors in order to participate in the championship next year.

Triple A (Asian Autosport Action Group) chairman, Peter Thompson had said that F4SEA will run as a single organization championship, where racers will be competing under one team, one make, using one low-cost data, ensuring a cost-effective formula racing.  The F4SEA championship will cover a cost of 100,000 Euros (RM475,776) for 30 races.

“The race opens chances to all young racers to explore further into motorsports that satisfy the internation standard set by FIA,” said Peter Thompson as quoted from Utusan.

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