Badrul has a bright future – Watson Nyambek

Former national sprinter, Watson Nyambek believes that Badrul Hisyam’s achievement of setting a new national record for the 100m sprint event, is purely down to his hard work and attitude.

Watson’s record of 10.30 seconds, which was set in 1998, was broken by Badrul earlier this week, who clocked an impressive time of 10.29 seconds at the ASEAN School Games in Brunei.

The 39 year-old was eager to congratulate Badrul and believes that the teenger has a bright future in front of him, if he continues his momentum.

“I’d like to congratulate him for setting a new 100m national record,” Watson told Kosmo.

I believe he can go far if he’s afforded proper training and excellent coaches, who understand the world of sprinting. He’s good enough to reach a world-class time of below 10 seconds and could even compete in the Olympics, in future.

“You want to know why Badrul managed to beat the record? When I met him during the Sibu Athletics Championships, I could already sense that he’s a well-disciplined athlete and has a high level of determination.

“You can’t achieve anything in one or two days of training. It takes years. It’s all about hard work and battling every obstacle that comes your way. Most importantly, you’ve got to throw away your ego.

“Do other athletes feel challenged by his achievement? I hope they take this as an inspiration to hopefully do better in future,” he added.

Meanwhile, Badrul Hisyam continue his brilliant form yesterday as he clocked in a new personal best time of 21.39 seconds in the 200m event at the ASEAN Schools Games, breaking his previous record of 21.61 seconds set in 2013.

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