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VIDEO: Jonah Lomu’s motivational speech on battling adversity

There comes a point in life, when the departure of certain individuals, leaves a tinge of despair that creates a gaping hole in the heart of every sports fan out there. You don’t need to be a Rugby fan, to know what Jonah Lomu meant to the sport and it’s faithful fans.

For many, he was an icon of hope. Jonah wasn’t an ordinary player, he broke records and he set standards for others. He was the youngest player to have ever played for the All Blacks when he made his debut aged 19 years and 45 days.

He went on to thrill a worldwide audience with his ‘no holds barred’ approach in every single game. When you see the All Blacks perform their customary pre-match ‘hakka’, you subconsciously look for Jonah, because you know, his eyes exudes relentless passion.

Even when he was diagnosed with a kidney condition – a news that is capable of crushing any athlete – Jonah stood strong and battled through to set an example to every single individual out there. Unfortunately, the battle ended today. But he leaves a legacy that will never fade away. He leaves a legacy, that will always protect his stature as one of the greatest Rugby player to have ever graced the game. More importantly, he was an amazing human being as well.

Here’s a video that was produced by Sky Sports NZ, featuring Jonah Lomu and the inspiring story of his rise within rugby.

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