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Watch New Zealand’s rugby team do the ‘haka dance’ for Liverpool

The New Zealand Kiwis recently trained with the Liverpool team in England, and thanked them in a very interesting way.

After a good and productive training session, the Kiwis took the opportunity to thanks Liverpool for being a wonderful host, and also presented a token of appreciation to Liverpool’s boss, Jurgen Klopp.

Right after that, the Kiwi’s cultural advisor explained about their haka #TeIwiKiwi dance to their host, and then proceeded to treat Liverpool to a rare performance of the haka dance.

The haka dance is an ancient Maori war dance which was traditionally used on the battlefield.

The New Zealand Kiwis will play at Anfield on Sunday in the Rugby League Four Nations Final.

Watch it here:


(Video Credit: NZ Kiwis)

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