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Imola and Monza could alternate for Italian GP

Imola or Monza? Which makes the better place for the Italian Grand Prix?

According to Formula One supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, why not have both?

Ecclestone has been pondering over a proposal to alternate the Italian GP between both Imola and Monza in order to make sure that the historic and fan favorite GP will remain in the calendar.

Monza has long been the venue for the Italian GP as its first race was held in 1922 whereas Imola hosted the San Marino GP from 1981 to 2006. One of the most memorable events in Imola was Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger and  Brazilian legend’s Ayrton Senna’s tragic and fatal accident in 1994.

It is said that Monza is currently struggling financially to put up with the amount of fees Ecclestone is demanding to extend its contract, which will expire next season. Imola however, has sourced the money from private investors.

Officials at Monza have spoken to the Briton on Monday to propose a rotation system with Monza, just like Hockenheim and Nurburgring in the recent years.

“Imola is proposing to alternate with Monza. We could do that. I want to ensure Italy stays on the calendar,” Ecclestone told Italy’s Gazzetta Dello Sport.

“I haven’t heard anything from Monza for a month.”

“There is a will to save the Italian GP, but the money is lacking.”

“The people I’ve spoken with haven’t even asked me for some time in order to decide. We just left each other like that, hanging.”

“It’s useless to keep on talking. In order to have a grand prix, you need money. If the money is there, the race takes place.”

Ecclestone, whom is a personal fan of Imola, stated that it would be a beautiful sight to have it back on the schedule.

“How can I forget the town’s participation, the joy on the faces of the tifosi, the enjoyment tied to that venue? Imola has kept a place in my heart.”

“Imola was a nice experience that could live again, once Monza’s contract expires at the end of 2016.”

“Enzo Ferrari suggested to me the race thre, just a stroll from Bologna. He cared for it very much.”

“It’s nice to talk about it again now, we have the good intentions, and the basis too.”

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