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Females aren’t ‘physically capable’ of handling F1 cars – Bernie Ecclestone

F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone is not a stranger to controversies. He’s been involved in various fiascos, time after time, without fail.

This time around, the chief executive of the Formula One group dropped sexist comments on female drivers, claiming that they will “not be taken seriously” in the Formula 1 industry as they are not “physically capable” to drive a fast car.

He was quoted saying: “I am not sure whether women are physically capable of driving F1 cars at such high speed and they will not be given serious attention,” in a press conference held in London.

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His controversial statement has has sparked outrage from prolific female racers like Pippa Mann, who competed in four Indianapolis 500 races and even won a race in the US Indy Lights series.

She went on to add, “Perhaps someone should remind him that IndyCar doesn’t have power steering, and we’re strong enough to drive those.”

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