Pahang’s Wan Azraie says he needs to be “extra careful” with these 3 players

One more day to the FA Cup final and both Kedah and Pahang are wasting no time in strategising how to take on their opponent.

Both teams, Kedah and Pahang, are no stranger the the FA Cup final. The Red Eagles have won the FA Cup trophy three times in 1996, 2007 and 2008, and they will be gunning for their fourth FA Cup trophy this Saturday.

Pahang, on the other hand, will try everything in their power to seize their third FA Cup trophy, having won twice in 2006 and 2014.

However, Padang’s goalkeeper, Wan Azraie Wan Teh admits he is a bit anxious about this Saturday — since it will be his first time in action in the FA Cup final.

“I have waited for this moment for a long time. Since our last final in 2008, now it’s 2017, it’s been almost 10 years. I can’t wait to lift my first trophy.” BHarian quoted him as saying.

Speaking of his gameplan for Saturday, Wan Azraie mentioned three players from Kedah he needs to pay extra attention to: Liridon Krasniqi, Sandro Da Silva, and Kedah’s captain, Baddrol Bakhtiar.

“For me, the key players from Kedah are Liridon Krasniqi and Baddrol Bakhtiar. They play major roles in raking in goals for Kedah.” the 31-year-old goalkeeper said. He also hopes that Pahang defenders will pay extra attention to these two players, including Kedah’s Brazilian midfielder, Sandro Da Silva.

“Our defence has to be solid, we cannot give space to Baddrol or Sandro Da Silva, because they always manage to conjure something up!” he added.

“We definitely want to bring the trophy back home for the Pahang fans.” Wan Azraie said.

The FA Cup final between Kedah and Pahang will take place at the Shah Alam stadium this Saturday (May 20), 9pm.


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