KAFA fans react to Tan Sri Annuar’s sympathetic FB status – and it’s epic

What a legend.

He was there during the rise of the Kelantan Football Association (KAFA), all the way through their multiple financial turmoils. He was embroiled in financial scandals and for misappropriation of funds, and yet he still ran for Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) presidency.

He also slammed Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) and said they should be punished, because they have “failed to carry out their duties and responsibilities by not channeling the proper amount of funds to teams in the Malaysia Super League (MSL)”.

That man, as you guys can probably guess, is Tan sri Annuar Musa.

Yesterday, Tan Sri Annuar Musa took to Facebook to extract sympathy from his supporters and KAFA fans, after KAFA got bashed yet again for not paying up their debts and got their hard earned point docked.

Photo: Tan Sri Annuar Musa FB

“The Red Warriors are always special, even during tough times.” Tan Sri Annuar Musa posted on Facebook.

“It’s sad when we have no money and people just let us be. And we’re under a lot of pressure. It’s even sadder to learn that people are trying to steal our players. Players under contract cannot be given an offer, but many of them have been fished away.”

“TRW may not survive in the Super League much longer. Under the new rules and ways, we are poor and there’s no place for us in the Super League.” the statement said.

Although Tan Sri Annuar Musa received some words of encouragement from his fans, many of them told him off for KAFA’s poor management.

Some of them stood by him…

Some had pretty solid advice…

Some of them were not really convinced…

Comment thread from TSAM’s Facebook 

What do you guys think? IS FAM and FMLLP’s new regulations making KAFA poor? Or is it really a question of management? Let us know!

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