“They made us poor!” – Annuar Musa demands punishment for FMLLP

Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) president Tan Sri Annuar Musa has publicly stated that the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) should be punished instead of teams that are facing financial difficulties because it is their responsibility to provide support.

Annuar Musa believes that the organization failed to carry out their duties and responsibilities by not channeling the proper amount of funds to teams in the Malaysia Super League (MSL).

“People do not understand how our league works, based from a financial aspect. To be honest, even FMLLP do not understand how it works. What Tunku Ismail said was right, which was that FMLLP should focus on the business of looking for money and how investments can be made to match teams’ returns,” Annuar said as quoted by Harian Metro.

Photo: NSTP/Osman Adnan

“FMLLP should increase the returns to teams, share revenue from broadcasting rights evenly between all teams and improve the prizes of the league based on performance and position.

“How can we learn when FMLLP cannot even achieve their own sponsorship goals? Yes, I am referring to the failed agreement for league rights between MP & Silva and FMLLP.

In 2015, MP & Silva agreed to provide a return of RM70 million a year for fifteen years, which amounted to RM1.26 billion. However, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim was not too happy on the distribution of wealth because he felt that the teams received a smaller amount of money compared to the FAM.

Photo Credit: Zimbio

“It is easy to deduct points, and sooner or later, we will be forced to play in the lower divisions because we do not have the right amount of funds to sustain ourselves.

“We are poor because of FMLLP,” Tan Sri Annuar Musa concluded.

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