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VIDEO: These PSS Sleman supporters will easily put Malaysian fans to shame

There are multiple reasons to love Indonesia as a country – from it’s beautiful scenic spots, to its culture to its food and more importantly, its people. They’re all incredible and you’d agree with us, if you’ve spent at least 24 hours there.

But there’s another aspect of Indonesia that’s extraordinary – the level of support and passion for football. It’s a huge market for European football teams and that probably wouldn’t surprise you. Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and even AC Milan have huge followings across the country.

However, the Indonesians also have a knack for fervently supporting their local teams. When renowned YouTube channel Copa90 travelled around the world to document the level of support football receives in different parts of the globe, they ranked PSS Sleman’s ultras in Yogjakarta as the best.

So our resident Indonesian football writer (Khairul Nizam) travelled to Yogjakarta over the weekend, to catch a glimpse of the fans during PSS Sleman’s Liga 2 match against Persip Pekalongan. The home team won the match 4-0, but predictably, Nizam was left absolutely stunned by the level of support shown by the PSS Sleman ultras.

Bear in mind that these are supporters of a second division club in Indonesia. If this is the level of support a second division club receives, one can only wonder how incredible some of the first division atmospheres must be.

The Malaysian Super League enjoys decent level of support, but even that comes at the behest of the team’s form. JDT’s attendances even dropped when results didn’t go their way and the same can be said about a host of other teams, including Penang FA. But if you were take a closer look at the Malaysia Premier League, attendances are pretty abhorrent. The average attendance for MPL Games in 2016 was 1,965 people per game.

PSS Sleman may be in the second division, but the level of support they receive looks astounding. To justify this, we’ve attached several more videos and pictures from the Maguwoharjo Stadium, below!

What’s up Liga Premier Malaysia?

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