“When local players complain about unpaid salaries, no one listens” – Safee Sali

PKNS FC striker Safee Sali has thrown an indirect jab at the likes of Football Association of Malaysia, Football Malaysia LLP and even FIFPro for not paying attention to the voices of local players.

Shockwaves were sent across the entire Malaysian football fratenity yesterday after it was announced that the likes of Kelantan and T-Team would be docked six points for failing to fulfill salary obligations.

This comes after the former Kelantan player Jonny McKain took to Twitter to vent his frustrations towards Kelantan FA, who reportedly owe him a substantial amount of money from 2016. His tweets were then picked up by FIFPro, before they released a tweet of their own, demanding clarification on the matter from FAM.

Safee then took to Twitter to point out that the voices of foreign players seem to influence more positive traction, compared to complaints filed and made by local players.

FMLLP’s gung-ho decision seems to have triggered mixed reactions all over the country. On one hand, fans are delighted to see harsh punishments being handed out. But on the other hand, some other fans are angry at the fact that players and supporters are being made victims for the failures of these clubs’ managements.

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