“Look at yourself in the mirror” – TMJ takes a swipe at former Pahang CEO

Shots have officially been fired.

Newly-appointed FAM president Tunku Ismail has publicly taken a swipe at ex-Pahang FC CEO, Fahrizal Hassan over a controversial tweet that was posted in the aftermatch of Johor DT’s 7-0 triumph over Melaka United.

Fahrizal’s tweet appeared to be an indirect dig at Melaka United’s Datuk Wira Yusoff Mahadi, who was incredibly vocal about his support for TMJ throughout his campaign for the top job at FAM. And it didn’t go down too well with the Johor Crown Prince.

“I was informed recently that a former CEO from Pahang recently issued a statement alleging that there was an individual busy apple polishing the higher management of FAM that caused Melaka a crushing defeat. It was supposedly aimed at Datuk Wira Mohd Yusoff Mahadi,” TMJ said via Johor Southern Tigers’ official Facebook page

“It is a small matter but I have to inform it to everyone. He may have forgotten that during his tenure as CEO, his team was battered 6-0 at home and the match was also written in Pahang’s history books as the worst loss at home that defeat nearly caused them to be relegated to the lower league.

“With God’s grace the Tengku Muda Of Pahang has put Pahang back again as one of the dominant forces in Malaysian football. Malaysian football needs strong teams such as Pahang, Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Felda. It is good for our football scene. So to the former CEO, please look at yourself in the mirror first before talking about others. Oh yes, before I forget, it was not too long ago that you lost 11-0 in a polo match with me. Were you apple polishing then too,” he concluded.

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