Spotted: Former Sarawak striker Ndumba Makeche training with Shah Alam Antlers

Zambian Australian football player Ndumba Makeche has been spotted at training with local community-based football club, Shah Alam Antlers.

The Zambian Australian striker is no stranger to Malaysian football, and he is a striker who has made headlines as the best foreign striker with Felda United and Sarawak FA during his stint with the two local club.

Makeche was also Sarawak’s best striker last season, he raked in 10 goals in 21 appearances. However, Makeche’s contract was not renewed at the end of the season. D

Despite rumours linking him to Bali United, a Shah Alam Antlers representative revealed to the press that Makeche is currently unattached to any football club. Given his experience with Malaysian football and the amount of years spent in the country, he’s looking to sign with a local football club.

However, the Shah Alam Antlers representative also clarified on that Makeche is only training with them for fitness purposes, while waiting for the next Super League transfer window.

The 25-year old striker has also played for Australian-based clubs like Stirling Lions, Inglewood United, and Perth Glory. Although rumour has it that he will most likely be nabbed by Pahang FA, he is still up for grabs!

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