Man of the Match: Selangor 4-2 Sarawak

Selangor clinched all 3 points in the fourth fixture of their Malaysian Super League (MSL) 2016 campaign, beating Sarawak 4-2 at the Selayang Stadium.

Zainal’s men played extremely well, dominating possession throughout the match. One man however, managed to steal the show. He was none other than Selangor’s Patrick Ronaldinho Wleh.

The Liberian exhibited brilliant poaching instincts as he bagged two goals for the Red Giants, one of it assisted by R. Gopinathan, who was also very influential. Not only did he perform his role as a striker, but he also displayed his playmaking abilities, assisting brilliantly for Gopinathan’s goal as well.

Ronaldinho also played a pivotal role defensively – using his size and strength to hold off defenders and create time and space for his squad.

As said earlier, Gopinathan was also influential as he dominated the left flank while Nazmi Faiz made use of his supersonic vision, generating amazing passes across the midfield and initiating the Red Giants’ attacks.

Ronaldinho, however, managed to clinch the Man of the Match throne as he displayed superhuman like strength, concrete defending and composed finishing moves.

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