“I will be back for 2018 All England” – Chong Wei not ready to retire

It’s been confirmed. Datuk Lee Chong Wei is not ready to retire anytime soon.

Moments after winning his fourth All England Championship at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, Malaysian badminton star Datuk Lee Chong Wei officially confirmed that he would be returning to participate in next year’s edition of tournament.

“All England is my favourite tournament. So I hope to see everyone here in Birmingham next year. Thank you to all the fans,” he told the courtside reporter after the match. When further pressed on confirming his participation for next year’s All England, Chong Wei reiterated it by saying: “Yes, I will be back.”

This effectively puts an end to rumours regarding his potential retirement, which primarily brewed prior to the All England. The Malaysian star was involved in a spat with Badminton Assocation of Malaysia’s Morten Frost, before succumbing to an injury that almost forced him to give Birmingham a miss.

Despite that, Chong Wei looked incredibly sharp over the last one week as he continuously outclassed all his opponents en route to reaching the final – where he completely outclassed Shi Yuqi to clinch his first All England title since 2014.

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