VIDEO: A complete breakdown of Chong Wei’s incredible footwork on the court

Badminton fans around the globe will be treated to world class action over the next few days as the All England Badminton Championship gets underway in Birmingham today. Some of the biggest stars on earth have arrived in the United Kingdom, including Malaysian icon Lee Chong Wei, who has a special point to prove this year.

This is likely to be Chong Wei’s final All England appearance and he looks determined to clinch a triumph and end his Birmingham journey on a high – you could see it in the way he fought hard to recover from an injury that looked set to rule him out of this tournament.

Expectations are also high – but that’s part and parcel of being Chong Wei. His consistency has a privilege for every Malaysian to watch and enjoy, with little regard to the price he pays to achieve the targets and standards he regularly hits. So as we prepare to watch Chong Wei embark on his quest for triumph in Birmingham, here’s an excellent video to remind us of why he’s easily one of the best players to have ever graced the game.

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