Chong Wei edged out of #BAC2017 after heroic fight against Lin Dan

Yes, it has happened again.

Badminton king Datuk Lee Chong Wei found himself face to face with his arch-nemesis, Lin Dan, yet again at the Badminton Asian Championship (BAC) semi-finals in Wuhan, China.

Lee Chong Wei endured a successful run in the BAC all the way until the semi-finals. He defeated Taiwan’s Hsu Jen Hao 21-18, 21-13 yesterday to advance into the semi-finals, where he was gunning to defend his title.

However, Lee Chong Wei’s unbeaten BAC run was thwarted by two-time Olympic champion, Lin Dan.

Lin Dan was off to a strong start, he wasted no time as he crushed Lee Chong Wei 13-21 in the first set. Lin Dan continued to dominate the game in the second set, while Lee Chong Wei kept on fighting to overtake the 33-year-old.

Unfortunately, Lin Dan edged out the All-England champion by securing another win in the second set. Lee Chong Wei had to succumb to a 15-21 defeat, and thus bid farewell to the BAC and his hopes of defending his title.

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