#MSL2017: Selangor 1-1 Kedah – Key Moments, Man of the Match


6th minute: Saiful Ridzuwan goes for it from near the half-way line after a foul on Juliano Mineiro. But the ball went straight to Ifwat.

7th minute: A cross from Asri Mardzuki found Syafiq Ahmad far-post, but he couldn’t get his header on-target as it went just wide

11th minute: A superb through pass by Raimi from the left found Astafei unmarked in the centre of the box and the Romanian put the ball into the net, but it was ruled out for offside

12th minute: After Liridon was fouled, Fitri Omar shoots from the resulting free-kick from the right that didn’t dip in time as it went just over the bar

25th minute: Liridon was able to shrug off his marker to receive a pass from Syafiq Ahmad and was through on goal. Just as the Kosovo international was about to reach the ball, Mohd Khairulazhan came off his line and did well to clear it out that resulted in a throw-in for Kedah

31st minute: After he was fouled by Khairul Helmi, Mineiro’s free-kick was well saved by Mohd Ifwat and the follow-up attempt from outside the box was deflected out for a corner

34th minute: Rizal Ghazali delivered a dangerous cross, but Ilso can’t get a clean header out of it as the ball went off-target

45th+3 minute: Syafiq Ahmad was booked for taking out S. Veenod, much to Kedah’s annoyance.

HALF-TIME: Selangor 0-0 Kedah

46th minute: Kedah Sub: ON Syazwan Zainon, OFF Fitri Omar

48th minute: For some reason, Syahmi who has time with the ball on the right side of the box, opted to shoot and shoots well over despite having support in the box.

54th minute: Astafei with a great cross, but no one couldn’t get to the end of it

58th minute: A through ball from the right found Ilso and he goes for an ambitious low shot but it just skimmed past the far post

58th minute: Selangor Sub: ON Adam Nor Azlin, OFF Abdul Halim Zainal

59th minute: Rizal Fahmi is booked for a foul

60th minute: Kedah sub: ON Sandro Mendoca, OFF Amirul Hisyam

62th minute: Syafiq’s pass reached Liridon just outside of the box, but Saiful Ridzuwan did enough to put him off as the ball was belted over the goal

64th minute: Sandro with an attempt from the right outside the box, but it goes well wide

66th minute: Ifwat was able to get the ball right by the goal-line, but he also took out Astafei in the process and the Romanian remained on the floor for quite some time, but he was able to continue

71th minute: Rizal Ghazali effort from the right outside the box is nowhere near on-target

76th minute: Kedah Sub: ON Mohd Hanif OFF Mohd Syafiq Ahmad

80th minute: Free-kick to Kedah at a dangerous position just outside the box in the centre after Hanif was fouled.

81st minute: GOAL Sandro with a superb free-kick as the ball hits inside of the right post and into the goal, leaving Khairulazhan stranded

84th minute: Selangor Sub: ON Nurshamil Abd Ghani, OFF Rizal Fahmi

87th minute: Selangor called for a penalty after Akram Mahinan seemed to commited a foul, but the referee ignored it as play carries on

89th minute: Selangor Sub: ON Fitrri Shazwan, OFF Raimi Md Nor

90th minute: Astafei is fouled and Selangor is awarded a free-kick just outside the box in the centre as four minutes is added

90th+2 minute: Mineiro wasted the free-kick as the ball went over the goal

90th+3 minute: Syahmi started an amazing run from the right and tries to set-up Adam Nor who was running in the centre, but Ifwat read the situation well and got to the ball first.

90th+4 minute: PENALTY TO SELANGOR! Syahmi Safari was fouled inside the box.

90th+6th minute: GOAL! Astafei’s penalty was saved, but Mineiro was able to put away the rebound

FULL TIME: Selangor 1-1 Kedah

Man of the Match: Juliano Mineiro

The man of the match would’ve gone to Sandro had Kedah held on for a well-deserved win but Juliano Mineiro is our pick given the way in which he popped up to rescue Selangor right at the death, by maintaining his focus and ensuring that he got to the end of that rebound after Astafei’s initial spot-kick was saved. Football is often a game of 90 minutes. But some days, it’s about one moment. And tonight, it was Mineiro’s moment to saviour.

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