Perak vs Kelantan: Can Zahasmi’s men rise to the occassion?

Kelantan will be facing Perak in their sixth MSL fixture at the Stadium Perak tonight. Having suffered three consecutive losses and sitting just on the verge of the relegation zone, no one is more worried about Kelantan’s performance tonight than their head coach, Zahasmi Ismail.
Having lost 0-1 to Kedah, 0-2 to Malacca United, and recently 0-2 to Selangor, Zahasmi Ismail has said that The Red Warriors need to make some changes to their attitude and their game plan on the pitch. The last thing they want is to suffer a fourth consecutive loss.
Zahasmi also mentioned that he is counting on his Gambian centre back, Mamadou Danso to bolster their defences against Perak.
The Bos Gaurus have only lost one game since the season commenced. Apart from that one loss and a draw against FELDA United last week, they have won every other game.
Head Mehmet Durakovic will also be rallying his team to secure the team’s first win under him. Durakovic was appointed head coach of Perak last week (23rd February) after former head coach Karl Heinz-Weigang was sacked.
“I need to players to rise to the occasion, forget about our losing streak in the last games. I need them to be more aggressive, they don’t put up a fight on the pitch, and that has to change.” Zahasmi Ismail told Harian Metro.
“I’m also counting on Mamadou Danso to show me his worth as a player. He needs to show me that he can play an effective role in defence and hold the barricade for Kelantan.”
“The defence has been infiltrated seven times before. We have conceded seven goals on five games and that is not something to be proud of. I need Danso to get the defenders together and be more aggressive when defending.” Zahasmi added.
The head coach also added that the team needs to secure at least one point in the match tonight to retrieve their confidence on the pitch.

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