#GoodbyeWeigang: Mehmet Durakovic to be Perak’s new boss?

Former Selangor boss Mehmet Durakovic is reportedly on the verge of becoming Perak’s new head coach after it emerged that Karl-Heinz Weigang had been officially removed from the role.

Goodbye ‘Atok’ Weigang

This appears to be the end Weigang’s second stint with Perak, though circumstances seem to be a bit more unceremonious this time around. The German coach is a huge favourite amongst fans, but speculations suggest that players weren’t too fond of his training methods and the way he looks at the game.

At the same time, Weigang himself had been massively unhappy with the level of professionalism (or the lack of it) within Perak FA – as often depicted in his vibrant post-match press conferences. His opinions, however true they may be, visibly rattled several cages within the organisation.

Last weekend, you could almost sense that he was on the verge of leaving. Weigang went around the ground, shaking the hands of as many fans as he could, after witnessing his side outclass the reigning MSL champions. There’s was an air of nostalgia about that moment. But after that, he was reportedly barred by his employees from speaking at the press conference. Word on the street suggested they were worried about what he may say to the press, given that it was meant to be his final match with the team.

Mehmet is back in business?

There has been no official confirmation from Perak on this matter, but Twitter has been exploding with this bit of news. In fact, renowned Astro Arena presenter Hafizal Hamad dropped the biggest hint with a tweet that was posted earlier today.

According to our sources, the former Selangor boss has been in discussion with several teams over the last few weeks, including Felda United (who have now appointed B. Sathianathan) as well as Perak. Durakovic was also spotted at the Perak Stadium last weekend, which seems to be heavily fuelling the speculation as well.

According to Berita Harian, Durakovic was spotted conducting Perak’s training session earlier this morning. The Seladangs are currently preparing for their next MSL match against Felda United this weekend, and it appears that Durakovic will make his managerial debut for Perak in that match.

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