Seven steps to rejuvenate FAS – Raja Muda Selangor

On his Instagram, Tengku Amir Shah, the Raja Muda Selangor has come up seven ways to bring the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) back to its best.

This was a follow up to the Raja Muda’s statement on the state of FAS seven weeks ago where he stated FAS needed major revamp.

“I believe the issue is not about me, but rather on establishing a competent management team that focuses on football development and the interests of supporters ahead of personal ego and interest of some,’ the Raja Muda said.

The Raja Muda, along with the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah wishes for the following changes to FAS:

1) Two-term limit for President and no politics allowed

“The President does not hold the position longer than two terms (One term no longer than 4 years). The criterion for a president is that he or she cannot be directly involved in politics,”

2) FAS President must appoint Senior Exco members and Secretary General

“Four Senior Exco officers and the Secretary General must be appointed by the FAS President and the position must not be held by the same person for more than two terms consecutively (one term no longer 4 years)”

3) New faces must fill 60% of Exco members

“Lineup for the Exco members to be appointed at the upcoming AGM needs to be at least 60% consisting of new faces. The new committee must give their full commitment and dedication, setting performance indicators and work tirelessly to achieve them”

4) Revise the FAS Statute

“This includes providing executive powers to the President, having maximum terms in office, portfolio of the committees to be effective and bring positive developments towards football in the State,”

5) Transparency among affiliate members

“Affiliate clubs under FAS should be very active in order to vote. One way is for the affiliates to be more involved in the development of football and submit regular reports to FAS. The process needs to be transparent where criteria and benchmarks need to be set for this to happen,”

6) Be financially sustainable

“The entire leadership of FAS needs to take responsibility and accountability for the organization to be financially sustainable in the near future and not continuously rely on state government funding,”

7) Increase development of state football

“Development must be significantly increased. FAS should leverage on the affiliate clubs, community football competitions and other related bodies from the private and public sector in contributing to the development of grassroots, junior and youth football in Selangor,”

Selangor FA’s miserable form continued when they were knocked out of the FA Cup by Premier League leaders, Negeri Sembilan 4-3 on penalties as they had not won since the opening day (2-0 at home Vs. Pulau Pinang).

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