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Selangor FA to undergo ‘JDT-esque’ revolution?

There aren’t many positive things to associate with Selangor FA these days, especially if you were to browse through social media.

It’s so bad, that it now takes a ‘rumour’, as opposed to an actual news, to cheer them up and lift their spirits. Believe it or not, Selangor Crown Prince, Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is being tipped to replace YB Azmin Ali as Selangor FA’s new president.

While the internal turmoil in FAS seems to be growing by the day, there’s very little to suggest that Tengku Amir is prepared to step in and revive the club, though fans are certainly hoping for it to happen.

“If Tengku Amir is willing to takeover the leadership, then it’s something we would definitely welcome. To me, if YB Azmin isn’t able to effectively run and manage a football organization, then he should definitely allow others to step in and replace him,” Mohammad Haniff Rana Manzor, who is the President of the Selangor Football Fan Club, told Utusan.

The rumours exploded into life after Tengku Amir’s trip to Johor, where he met and discussed a variety of things with Johor’s Crown Prince, Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim.

While the meeting did not specifically focus on football-related issues, it’s not secret that Tengku Amir himself is a football fan and Selangor fans will undoubtedly be praying for him to step into the club, if it promises a ‘JDT-esque’ football revolution.

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