Guerra to join JDT’s MSL squad as FMLLP unveils ‘feeder club agreement’

Benjamin Mora has been handed a major boost after it was confirmed that Gabriel Guerra will be transferring into Johor DT’s MSL squad, with Jeronimo Barrales moving the other way round into Johor DT II’s MPL team.

The move was confirmed by Football Malaysia LLP, who also lifted the lid on a ‘feeder club agreement’ that was signed in conjuction with JDT last year.  According to FMLLP, this agreement – which was signed on 19 August 2016 – officially converts JDT II into a feeder club for JDT. But JDT are only required to fulfill several terms of the agreement this year, with the rest officially kicking in next year.

For starters, the Southern Tigers now have the option of making four transfers involving both clubs, outside the designated transfer windows. At the same time, JDT II will no longer be allowed to compete in the same division as JDT, which also means they won’t be promoted into the Super League, should they win the Malaysia Premier League this year.

In fact, JDT II would automatically be given a FAM Cup slot, should JDT suffer relegation into the MPL next year. Besides that, JDT II are also required to have a bare minimum of 12 U-23 players in their squad, though they will be allowed to have four foreigners, like all the others teams.

Once 2018 kicks in, the reigning MSL champions would be required to comply with two remaining terms on the agreement. Firstly, JDT would be required to have four U-23 players in its starting eleven for every match. At the same time, JDT II will no longer be allowed to compete in any competition that involves JDT, including the Malaysia FA Cup as well as the Malaysia Cup.

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