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#FaizSubri: 10 things you should know about Malaysia’s new hero

Faiz Subri started off in Kedah
Kedah must be wondering why they let go of such a prospect. Faiz was born in Ayer Hitam, Kedah and of course played his entire youth career for the northern state. He played for their youth team for three years from 2006-2009 without getting a chance to play for their senior squad or attracted any Super League clubs in which resulted in his future being in limbo.
But he has a soft spot for Perlis too
While being born in Kedah, he spent his high school life in Perlis where he represented SK Teknik Arau in football competitions. His professional career also took off in Perlis as he started off in Perlis-based Tambun Tulang FC in the lower leagues before joining Perlis FA a year after that where he stayed for two seasons.
He rarely stayed at a club for more than a season
Since 2009, Faiz has played for six different teams in seven years. From Tambun, to Perlis, he then since played for a team a season, starting with T-Team (2012), Kelantan (2013), Terengganu (2014) and then finally arriving in Penang where he helped them gain promotion to the Super League in 2015 and he has stayed there since.
He is a utility attacker
If you’re ever looking for a versatile forward, look no further than Faiz Subri. He can play as an attacking midfielder, a winger and a forward. Therefore, he can play in any attacking position should any manager see fit, especially for Penang manager, Ashley Westwood. This would probably give Westwood something to think about before the season kicks off.
He almost played for the national squad
Faiz almost broke into the Malaysia squad not once, but twice in 2012 and 2013. But then manager, K. Rajagopal cut him from the squad on both occasions. The closest he ever got since then was that he got a call to train with the national squad from Dollah Salleh, a week before what would be Salleh’s final match as Malaysia manager. Now Faiz waits again for another chance to don the Malaysia jersey.
He only has just joined Twitter
Faiz has only joined the world of social media on December 2016. It’s so recent that we can even scroll down to his first tweet. It’s just a simple message as he said ‘Assalamualaikum’, a greeting that signifies he has joined Twitter. You can follow him on his Twitter handler ‘faizsubri131’.
Is Faiz a Manchester United fan?
Faiz Subri has only recently joined Twitter just last month. Intriguingly enough, the only football club he has followed other than Penang FA? Manchester United. He also has followed die-hard Man. United fan and fastest man alive today, Usain Bolt. In that case, he must also be happy about Man. United’s current run of form under Jose Mourinho.
Faiz’ goal caused FIFA to ask more questions in a study
The physics behind Faiz’ goal was so outrageous that FIFA had to approach multiple physics experts on how the free-kick was scored in conjunction with a FIFA-backed study about the aerodynamics behind the swerve of footballs. Some factors included temperature and altitude. This study started on October 2015, but thanks to Faiz, he has caused FIFA to do more work on this subject.
He shares the same birthday with Guus Hiddink
Faiz Subri was born on 8th November. And so does a host of other football personalities. He has the same birthday as Dutch legend Guus Hiddink as well as Morgan Schneiderlin and England World Cup winner, Martin Peters. Something to note that English chef Gordon Ramsay and the creator of Naruto, Masahi Kishimoto, was also born on this day.
Among the three candidates, Faiz’ goal is the most viewed
As of yesterday afternoon, Faiz’ goal has over 2.3 million views via FIFA’s Youtube channel, way ahead of Marlone (Almost 1.5 million) and Daniuska Rodriguez (Just over 1.1 million). And well, who can blame the viewers? Faiz’ goal is just stunning to watch over and over again and it will still baffle people on how he has actually done it.

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