Faiz Subri will have to pass up on Baju Melayu for FIFA Awards

Earlier this month, FIFA Puskas nominee Faiz Subri announced that he would love to attend the gala night in Zurich donning our traditional outfit, the baju melayu.

It wasn’t a final decision, he was still waiting to hear from the FIFA officials regarding the dress code.

Unfortunately, in its official invitation, FIFA has asserted that it is a black tie event, which rules out traditional costumes.

Although Faiz Subri was disappointed to hear that, as we all are, he has told Utusan that he will still bring his baju melayu to Zurich and see if he can make some last minute arrangements to wear it.

However, Faiz added that he has already ordered a suit from his sponsor, Kinslager, so wearing a baju melayu might stir up a conflict. The 29-year old recently picked up a special tribute award as a FIFA Puskas finalist at the Anugerah Bolasepak Kebangsaan 2016 in Shah Alam, where he looked absolutely dashing in a suit.

Faiz will be heading to Zurich this January 9th to find out if he will be the first ever Malaysian to win the FIFA Puskas Award. He will be up against Marlone from Brasil and Daniuska Rodriguez from Venezuela.

You can still vote for Faiz Subri’s goal here. Voting ends on the 9th of January.

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