Chong Wei all geared up to win his fifth Super Series title in Dubai

Lee Chong Wei is all prepped up to take on the World Super Series Finals head on in Dubai. The Super Series will be held at the Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai, between 14 and 18 December; with USD 1 million as the prize money for the winner.

The 34-year old Olympic medalist was recently under the weather, but he has recovered and is fit for the tournament. Chong Wei, who did not play at the previous two editions, is focused on winning his fifth Super Series title in Dubai.

“I was down with a fever, and had some injuries, but I’m fine now. I have also started my routine training.” Chong Wei said at a press conference.

“I don’t really want to think about other players, or my opponent, I only want to think of my own game plan. I’m sure I will be well prepared.” he added.

Photo: AP Images
Photo: AP Images

“If I’m not looking to win, then I might as well just stay back in Malaysia and just play here.”

However, it doesn’t mean that Chong Wei is underestimating his imminent opponents. He admits that it will be a tough game, because every player at the Super Series are world-class players, some of them are the finest in the world.

Jan O Jorgensen and Viktor Axeksen from Denmark, Chen Long and Tian Houwei from China, Marc Zweibler, Son Wan Ho, and Ng Ka Long are all possible names that Chong Wei might face in Dubai.

The former world No.1 has less than two weeks for prepare for the Super Series, but we’re sure he’ll make us proud again!

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